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Lab Automation Virtual Event

LabRoots, the premier producer of interactive virtual events for life sciences and clinical diagnostics professionals, will be hosting a new virtual conference for professionals interested in the most recent technologies for today’s labs Lab Automation 2017, 24 - 25 May. Attendees need not leave their desk or home to partake in a range of concise presentations from world-renowned experts. Interactive live-streaming video sessions include question-and-answer sessions, and participants can earn complementary CME, CE, and CEU continuing education credits.

Strand Life Sciences, a global genomic profiling and bioinformatics company, a leader in precision medicine diagnostics in India, will present at Lab Automation 2017. Further details below:


Featured Speaker
Radhakrishna Bettadapura, PhD
Senior Software Engineer, Strand Life Sciences
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Strand NGS Server: or, why clinical bioinformaticians love Strand
  image MAY 24, 2017 09:00 AM PDT
ABSTRACT: I'll talk about Strand NGS Server, our server-client NGS offering. Strand NGS server is geared towards small-to-medium scale clinical labs with high-volume sequencing throughputs and low turnaround times. The talk is in three parts. The first part describes how Strand NGS Server marshals the various computational resources available to a typical clinical lab. It also discusses the primary advantage of Strand NGS Server over its desktop counterpart: namely, collaboration. The second part describes the ease of setting up a given pipeline in Strand NGS server, and speaks of four examples, each corresponding to a different clinical panel: germline, somatic, clinical exome and rare diseases. The last part describes a day in the life of a bioinformatician, and goes over a few typical use cases of Strand NGS Server.
To register for the event and read about the other speakers, click here: https://www.labroots.com/ms/virtual-event/lab-automation-2017

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