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Upcoming release of Strand NGS 2.1 and GeneSpring 13.0


The current Strand NGS version 2.0 release combines enhancements to Avadis NGS with unique features from the GeneSpring NGS module, through the addition of a Methyl-Seq workflow, direct access to BioCyc and WikiPathways, better support for target enrichment experiments and Multi-Omic Pathway Analysis. The merging of GeneSpring NGS with the existing capabilities of Avadis NGS was prompted by the desire to give researchers using GeneSpring NGS access to the latest developments in NGS data analysis. The merging of products will also facilitate the NGS product quicker and more efficient development in an area where analytic methods and tools are evolving at a very quick pace. Strand NGS is built on the same award-winning platform as Strand and Agilent Technologies' GeneSpring®. More information is on Strand NGS website.

This fall, Agilent and Strand will do a joint release of GeneSpring 13 and Strand NGS 2.1 to introduce the improved Integrated Biology solution: Multi-omic analyses that will be using GeneSpring's GX/MPP/PA components with Strand's NGS. You will be able to merge gene lists obtained from NGS experiments with gene lists obtained from microarray or pathway experiments to identify canonical pathways and/or networks. Moving forward, GeneSpring 13 will focus on Gene Expression, Proteomics and Metabolomics analyses. Strand NGS will focus on NGS analyses.

Information on webinars and teleconference training sessions will be available in late July/early August time frame. An early access program for GeneSpring 13.0 is now available to test out the new features. More information is coming soon!

For those interested, please feel free to contact us for any questions.

Email: support@strandngs.com

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Phone (USA): 1-800-516-5181

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