Strand NGS v3.2 Release Announcement
Strand Life Sciences is happy to announce the release of Strand NGS v3.2. This release focuses on two main advancements including support for Strand NGS on Cloud and strengthening RNA-Seq Analysis.
Strand NGS Virtual
Strand NGS Virtual is a cloud-based virtualization solution for NGS analysis on Amazon AWS cloud. This solution enables running Strand NGS on Amazon EC2 instances (machines) while storing data in Amazon EBS storage. It comprises a cloud control panel which runs on the customer's machine simplifying the management of AWS instances and storage. Just like all Strand NGS products, it is end-to-end and supports all data analyses modules. In summary it offers a complete, simplified, cost-effective, access-anywhere and secure NGS data analysis on the cloud.
Strengthening RNA-Seq Analysis
Our RNA-Seq workflow is now significantly enhanced with alignment and quantification optimizations, support for HISAT2 as a script job, a script to export counts at transcript level, and many visualizations options like gene expression distribution plots, smoothened scatter plots, comprehensive scatter plots and independent volcano plots that make it easy to analyze large cohort data.

Apart from these features, Strand NGS v3.2 comes with many other improvements like support for custom UMI tags in aligned sample import, faster adapter trimming, recursive files selection in experiment creation wizard and responsive UI. For detailed information, please refer to the release notes.
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