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Register to the upcoming webinar on Fast and accurate variant calling to learn more about Strand NGS v3.0 best practices: a workflow that identifies highly accurate variants from raw reads. If you missed the last webinar on DNA-Seq data analysis - Case studies, click here to access the same.
Explore the new script 'Create Targeted VAL' in Strand NGS for creating subset of dbSNP database with target regions of interest and run your analysis. This feature reduces your SNP annotation time by up to 95% depending on the target regions of interest. Know more
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Strand Life Sciences is happy to announce the release of Strand NGS v3.0. This version comes with one-shot pipeline execution option, TSS plot for ChIP-Seq data, support for HGVS notations, RNA-Seq speed-ups, and high performance, high accuracy DNA-Seq workflow and many more improvements. A brief description of few features is listed below. Please see the release notes for further details.
One-shot pipeline execution
One-shot pipeline execution option helps researchers and core facilities to complete NGS analyses in just a few clicks. pipeline manager
Improvements to DNA-Seq analysis
Accuracy of the DNA-Seq analysis workflow for whole exome and whole genomes is comparable to the BWA-GATK best practices workflow.
Accuracy has improved for larger samples with lower coverage.
The DNA-Seq analysis workflow is twice as fast as BWA-GATK best practices workflow.
Low frequency SNP detection is also accurate with fewer false positives.
Improvement to RNA-Seq alignment speed
The alignment speed of RNA-Seq data to transcriptome-only has been improved by 110% when compared to previous releases.
Self-contained SNP wizard
The new self-contained SNP detection wizard provides flexibility for researchers to change all relevant parameters and customize for every run based on their requirements. SNP detection
Alignment support for large genomes and circular genomes.
These features will enable researchers to work with polyploid genomes like plants and also analyse prokaryotic samples.
Full support for HGVS notations
The HGVS notations describe variants in the nomenclature approved by the Human Genome Variation Society as the international standard of variant reporting and information exchange in DNA diagnostics. HGVS
TSS plot in ChIP-Seq workflow
This plot helps researchers to visualize the profile of normalized read density (reads per million) around the Transcription Start Sites. TSS plot
Other improvements
A new home screen has been implemented. This screen gives quick access to common tasks like running pipelines, opening recent/ existing project etc. pipeline manager
Local realignment has been significantly improved.
A new pipeline on"Strand NGS best practices- Detect SNPs" is packaged.
Check for known variants workflow can run as a background job and can be added to a pipeline.
New demo DNA-Seq experiment (Chr 21) and associated annotations are packaged with the demo projects in the tool.
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