Webinar of the Month | Nov 2016

Webinar on RNA-Seq data analysis


Strand NGS supports an extensive workflow for the analysis and visualization of RNA-Seq data. The workflow includes Transcriptome/ Genome alignment, Differential expression analysis with Statistical approach and Splicing events detection. Strand NGS also supports novel discovery like identification of novel genes, exons and novel splice junctions, alongside it can also detect gene fusion events. Further downstream analysis such as GO and pathway analysis can be performed on the set of interesting genes. The product has an option to create pipelines for time consuming jobs which automates analysis and leaves more time for end data interpretation. This webinar will give an overview of the features in the RNA-Seq data analysis workflow in Strand NGS and also highlight on parameters within each feature that can be optimized depending on datasets and analysis needs.


Mr. Sugandan Sivamani, Senior Application Scientist, Strand Life Sciences

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Sessions San Francisco Time
Tokyo Time
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Session 1
9 Nov
01:00 AM
9 Nov
06:00 PM
9 Nov
10:00 AM
9 Nov
02:30 PM
Session 2
9 Nov
09:00 AM
10 Nov
02:00 AM
9 Nov
06:00 PM
9 Nov
10:30 PM

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