Webinar of the Month | Feb 2017

Webinar on DNA-Seq Data Analysis


DNA-Seq data can be analyzed and visualized using an extensive workflow in Strand NGS software. The software has been designed for the biologists. Strand NGS offers whole exome, whole genome analysis or targeted resequencing experiments. The workflow includes the ability to detect variants (SNPs, MNPs and short InDels), annotate them with dbSNP, and identify the effect on transcripts of non-synonymous coding SNPs. Also, downstream analysis such as GO pathway analysis can be performed on the set of affected genes. Large structural variations, including large insertions, deletions, inversions, and translocations, can also be detected with paired-end or mate-paired data. Copy number variation (CNV) analysis can be done using tumor-normal pairs. Strand NGS also has easy to use built in or customized pipelines for time consuming jobs which automates analysis and leaves more time for end data interpretation. This webinar will give an overview of the features in the DNA-Seq data analysis workflow in Strand NGS and also highlight on parameters within each feature that can be optimized depending on datasets and analysis needs.


Dr. Suman Kapoor, Senior Scientist, Strand Life Sciences

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Sessions San Francisco Time
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Session 1
22 Feb
01:00 AM
22 Feb
06:00 PM
22 Feb
10:00 AM
22 Feb
02:30 PM
Session 2
22 Feb
09:00 AM
23 Feb
02:00 AM
22 Feb
06:00 PM
22 Feb
10:30 PM

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