Webinar of the Month | Aug 2017

Webinar on Integration of NGS and Machine Learning for prediction of post-operative recovery on 9 Aug, 8 am PST by Dr Mario Deng, UCLA


Strand NGS supports a comprehensive and flexible RNA-Seq data analysis workflow consisting of Alignment, Quality Assessment, Filters, and a range of analysis and visualization options that help in studying a variety of samples and answering important biological questions.

In this webinar, Dr. Deng will discuss the analysis of transcriptome, flow cytometry and cytokine data from pre-operative blood samples of advanced heart failure patients undergoing Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) surgery. He will discuss in detail the identification of prominent clinical variables, a set of transcriptome biomarkers, and their role in the context of systems biology. Finally, the application of Class Prediction algorithms in Strand NGS for identification of high-risk patients will be illustrated.

This immunobiology based study highlights the potential of machine learning techniques in clinical risk prediction and patient management, and from a clinician’ s perspective, the utility of biomarker discovery studies in helping patients make more informed decisions as a step towards personalized precision medicine.

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Professor of Medicine
Advanced Heart Failure/Mechanical
Support/Heart Transplant
David Geffen School of
Medicine at UCLA
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
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