Strand NGS v2.8 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Strand NGS v2.8. This release focuses on support for large genomes, large scale sample processing, and performance improvements. A brief description of few selected features is listed below. For more details, please refer to the release notes.

Support for Large Genomes

Strand NGS now supports alignment to genomes larger than 4 billion bases such as the wheat genome

Fixed trimming after adapter trimming

During alignment, fixed trimming can now be performed after adapter trimming using the options in the Tools->Options menu. This allows users to easily handle data from protocols that use randomized adapters such as the Nextflex small RNA protocol from Bioo Scientific.

Merging the coverage tracks

Genome browser in Strand NGS supports the merging of the coverage tracks and visualizing them against a common ruler.

Performance improvements

  • Whole genome CNV detection has been optimized to run faster using less memory.
  • Caching system has been optimized for smoother operation of the tool especially for long running jobs and extended usage of the tool without exiting.
  • SNP Detection with dbSNP annotation can now handle more than 500 samples in a single run.
  • Sample import has been optimized to handle samples containing scaffolds which are not part of the build.
  • Find Significant SNPs, Find Somatic Variants, and Create Coverage Profile workflow wizards have been optimized for quicker launch time.
  • During low memory situations usage of disk as swap space has been optimized. When working with large samples, several analysis tasks like SNP detection will now run faster.
  • VCF import has been optimized to handle large VCF files.
  • Strand NGS v2.8 is now supported on Windows 10. Many improvements and bug fixes are also made in split read alignment, local realignment, logging, VCF export, etc. All these features are incorporated into this release based on your invaluable feedback and we hope you continue to let us know your requirements.

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