The Avadis Platform | Strand NGS, formerly Avadis NGS

The Avadis® Platform

At the heart of Avadis® architecture is the philosophy of "de-skilled decision analytics". This philosophy brings together a desiderata of functions and features within an integrated framework so that a scientist can jump into analysis, visualization, or modeling without worrying about the required statistical or mathematical principles and algorithms.

The Avadis® design is unique as it enables adding statistical analysis, machine learning, and ontological interpretation within the visualization-driven data analytics framework. Avadis® is at the core of many solutions and products, including Strand NGS, that Strand has developed, for example:

  • GeneSpring® - the market leading gene expression analysis tool, marketed by Agilent Technologies, Inc.
  • Avadis® IMG - an image indexing platform to manage, categorize, analyze, and annotate microscopy images. Strand is currently working on a customized solution of this tool for the Institut Curie in Paris, France to manage all scientific images produced by the institute.
  • Avadis® SysBio - an interactive modelling and simulation platform to build, access, and customize systems models built by Strand (e.g., Strand's Virtual Liver), generate and test hypotheses in silico, as well as visualize, store, retrieve, and compare results.

Avadis® has been built over a period of approximately six years and enables rapid development of software for life and health sciences applications empowering breakthrough scientific analysis.