Server Edition | Enterprise version

Strand NGS Server Edition

  • Designed to cater to the needs of multi-member teams working on NGS data analysis
  • Facilitates collaborative analysis through group and individual level permissions
  • Enables central storage of data and analysis results
  • Support for scheduled, incremental backups
  • Works with a farm of compute nodes to perform analysis in an efficient distributed manner
  • Extensive API to enable potential use by 3rd party applications
  • Optimized for scalable and efficient NGS data analysis

Architecture and Main Features

Collaborative Analysis

  • Samples, analysis, and workflow pipelines can be shared with individual users or groups
  • Sharing can be done with either Read-only or Read-Write permission

Scalable Compute

  • Compute can be scaled up by simply adding new machines to the network and configuring them as compute nodes
  • Higher reliability due to the distributed nature of the compute

Centralized Storage

  • Data and analysis results from multiple users stored in a central repository
  • Data can be backed up whenever needed with a provision for scheduled backups
  • Support for incremental backup
  • Storage can be expanded as needed

Web-based Interface for System Administration

  • Allows creating and managing users and groups
  • Facilitates managing the compute resources
  • Allows the administrator to suspend, reschedule, reorder, or delete tasks
  • System logs and usage can be monitored

Easy and Flexible Deployment

  • Major components of the Server Edition have separate installers and can be installed independently
  • Possible to have the Server, Compute, and the Storage on one big machine or on different machines depending on the available resources and the needs of the enterprise
  • System can be easily scaled by adding more clients, compute nodes, or storage
  • Support for node-locked licenses and shared floating licenses

Download the Strand NGS-Server Edition Highlights Guide
Watch the recording highlighting Server version in clinical lab setting