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You can learn more about the features in Strand NGS in a variety of ways. We are constantly in the process of putting together learning material to help you use Strand NGS to deliver your analysis goals in as short a time as possible. In case you are first time user, please go through the Software set up guide and Getting started guide.

Here is a suggested path through the material depending on what you are looking for:

  • What can I do with Strand NGS? The features page will help you get a quick overview of what you can do with Strand NGS. The webinar recordings will take you one level deeper and help understand most of the features in Strand NGS often with real life examples.
  • How do I actually go about doing it? The demo tutorials are tailored to walk you through the features in each workflow in a step-by-step manner. They come along with demo datasets and you can walk through the analysis steps yourself.
  • What about a specific question that I have? If it is a frequently asked question, you will most likely find the answer to it in the FAQ pages. Else, you should be able to find the answer to the question in the user manual that comes packaged with the application.
  • Where can I find algorithmic details? For the advanced users, the reference manual contains the low level mathematical details behind each of the algorithms in Strand NGS.

Last but not the least, we are here to help you with effectively using Strand NGS for your analysis. Contact our support team with your questions, and we will be happy to answer them.