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Integrated Genome Trax annotations in Strand SI’s Avadis NGS platform

June 30, 2011, San Francisco, California – Strand Scientific Intelligence, Inc. (Strand SI) and BIOBASE GmbH have joined forces to give Avadis NGS users easy, one-click access to the superior, human curated biological databases contained in BIOBASE’s Genome Trax™, including TRANSFAC® and HGMD® Professional.

With this combined offering, researchers working with RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, or ChIP-Seq data can quickly annotate the genomic variants (e.g. SNPs, MNPs, InDels) or transcription factor binding sites they identified using the Avadis NGS analysis platform with Genome Trax annotations.

Avadis NGS allows researchers to manage and analyze large amounts of next-generation sequencing data and derive biologically relevant results from scientifically established algorithms, interactive data visualizations in a state-of-the-art genome browser, and downstream analyses such as GO enrichment, pathway analysis and GSEA.

Being able to annotate these results with the superior annotations of Genome Trax from within Avadis NGS allows researchers to significantly narrow down the genomic regions of interest to their research, making the integrated Genome Trax annotations an efficient and time-saving solution for everyone working in the NGS space and a perfect fit for any NGS analysis pipeline.

"The integration of BIOBASE Genome Trax data into Avadis NGS allows our users to quickly assess if the SNPs they find have previously been implicated in any diseases or other affliction, saving researchers months of valuable time as they don't have to scour publication records themselves," said Dr. Thon de Boer, Director of Product Management at Strand SI. "We are thrilled to be able to offer such an important annotation database like Genome Trax to our product line!"

By purchasing the integrated version of Genome Trax from Strand, the following five databases are accessible directly from within Avadis NGS for annotating analysis results and visualizing in the integrated genome browser:

In addition, license holders are given access to the Genome Trax online database, which holds additional information, including complete source citations. This vast resource is also accessible via just one click through hyperlinks in the result spreadsheets of Genome Trax annotated region or entity lists in Avadis NGS.

"For users who want to understand their genome sequences this integration is a win-win,” said Dr. Frank Schacherer, Chief Operations Officer, BIOBASE GmbH. “The combination of this trusted analysis platform and the best annotation available is a powerful, versatile tool. The ease with which data can be screened means more time to do biology, and faster time to results.”


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