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Strand releases Avadis NGS software to enable biologists to analyze next-generation sequence data

October 5, 2010, San Francisco, California – Strand Scientific Intelligence, Inc. (Strand) today announced the worldwide release of Avadis NGS, a software application for next-generation sequence (NGS) analysis. Avadis NGS helps biologists visualize and perform downstream analysis on their NGS data, simply on a desktop computer.

The introduction of low-cost, high-throughput next-generation sequencing technologies has resulted in an exponential growth of data to be scrutinized for biological insights. However, exploring massive data sets and gleaning biologically-relevant and actionable insights has been a bottleneck in the sequencing process. Researchers have been challenged in attempting to master many different and complex tools and learn command line utilities to get even the most basic results, let alone having the capability to do this for thousands of data samples at a time.

Avadis NGS is an application focused on ChIP-SEQ, RNA-SEQ and genetic variation analysis that enables its users to assimilate large amounts of NGS data and ascertain deep biological insights using powerful statistics, interactive data visualizations in a state-of-the-art genome browser, and downstream analyses such as GO, pathways and GSEA.

François Mandeville, Executive Vice President of Strand, said “Avadis NGS represents a major milestone in NGS, and finally shifts the power of analysis from IT and informatics experts to the biologists –it is NGS analysis for the rest of us!”

Avadis NGS is built on Strand’s award-winning scientific intelligence platform, Avadis®, for data analysis and visualization. The Avadis® platform has enabled rapid development of software for life and health sciences applications such as Agilent Technologies’ GeneSpring® and powered breakthrough scientific discoveries by 7 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies.

Starting this week, a 20-day trial of Avadis NGS is available for biologists and NGS researchers at The software is licensed online by Strand, and can also be licensed from the life sciences sales force of Strand’s partner, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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