Manual License Activation | Strand NGS

Manual License Activation

If the auto-activation step failed due to inability to connect to the license server from within the application, or any other reason, you can try to get the license file manually to activate Strand NGS, using the instructions given below:

  • Locate the activation key file manualActivation.txt in the INSTALL_DIR/bin/license/ folder. This file gets created when you launch the application for the first time.
  • Go to, enter your Order ID, upload the activation key file manualActivation.txt from the folder mentioned above, and click Submit. This will generate a license file (strand.lic) that will be e-mailed to your registered e-mail address. If you are unable to access the website or have not received the activation license file, contact support with the topic Registration Request, with manualActivation.txt as an attachment. We will generate the license file and send it to you.
  • Once you have got the license file strand.lic, save the file attachment from your email, and place the file in the INSTALL_DIR/bin/license/ folder. Do be careful to right-click on the file and save it to your file system, rather than copying the contents of the file out.
  • Now launch Strand NGS. This will activate your installation.

If Strand NGS fails to launch and produces an error, please contact support with the topic Activation Failure.