Right now, our world has been pushed into chaos by a single-stranded RNA virus. What is in the 29,903 characters that enables this tiny virus to bring down a human with trillions of cells and a 6 billion character genome sequence remains a topic of much research. Sequencing-based analysis of this pathogen is crucial for both diagnostic-test development and surveillance of this pandemic outbreak. To elucidate how analysis decisions play a crucial role in this journey, we have put together a study with datasets available publicly.

In this webinar, we would be showcasing a study involving two geographically dispersed datasets generated using amplicon sequencing. We will go over the alignment steps in great detail along with the pre- and post-alignment quality metrics plots that can be used to assess kit performance. To study the sequence differences between the viral samples from the two locations, we will go over the SNP calling and annotation. This information is crucial in understanding if the virus is adapting and altering its genome as it spreads across the globe.

In order to understand if there is a co-infection due to lowered immunity in a given patient, it would be important to perform untargeted sequencing studies and identify the co-infecting factor. So we will also spend time on showcasing how Strand NGS can help you in such meta-analyses.

Join us on this webinar for a healthy conversation. Together, we can help our communities better understand and tackle this virus.

About the speakers:

Our Application Science team has put this study together and would be presenting the work collectively as we practice social distancing and are working remotely. Join us from your living rooms for this session and make the discussion more effective with your active participation.

In these unprecedented times, we believe that collaboration is the key to tackle this pandemic effectively. Do connect with us for your diagnostic and research analysis solutions and we ensure you our best attention and support.

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