License Activation | Strand NGS

License Activation

The first time you start up Strand NGS you will be prompted with the License Activation dialog. To activate Strand NGS on your desktop with a node-locked desktop license:

1) Choose Individual License from the dropdown menu.
2) Enter your Order ID in the space provided.

This will connect to the Strand NGS license activation server, activate your installation and launch the application.

If you are behind a proxy server, then provide the proxy host and proxy port in the lower half of this dialog. If your proxy server also supports authentication, then you need to provide your proxy username and password as well.

Note: The license is obtained by contacting the license server over the internet and obtaining a node-locked, fixed duration license. If your machine date and time settings are different and cannot be matched with the server date and time settings, you will get a Clock Skew Detected error and will not be able to proceed. If this is a new installation, you can change the date and time on your local machine and try to activate again.

If the auto-activation step has failed due to inability to connect to the license server from within the application, you can try to get the license file manually to activate Strand NGS.