Payments | Strand NGS


Before we create and send the software license keys to you, you will need to either give us an authorized purchase order (PO) or pay the license fee by credit card.

Purchase orders should contain the license type, duration, quantity, price rate and any applicable discounts specified in our quote addressed to you. You may email your purchase order to us. After we receive your purchase order, we will send you the license keys to activate the software by email. This delivery of license keys by email shall constitute delivery of the software and will trigger generation of an invoice with a payment term of "net 30 days from the invoice date". The invoice will be mailed to the billing address provided on the PO.

Finally, a note on the duration of paid licenses. We typically add 3 days to your license duration, so as to account for possible delays between the time we receive your order and the time when you are able to first activate your license. For example, if we receive your PO on June 1st for a one-year license, we will send you a license valid until June 4th the following year.